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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you work with us, take a look at our rules, and see how you work with us.

Many customers ask me this question. It is 100% normal to not know where to start. I provide different services to help improve your digital success. Message me, and we'll take it from there to build your best performing Google Adwords campaign.

No need to worry! I will work with you to find your focused niche that will bring traffic and produce the Google Adwords campaign the customers want to see. Other sellers charge extra for this service, I'd rather see my clients succeed.

Main ingredients of successful Google Adwords campaign: - understand client's business specifics and needs - define keywords reflecting your business specific - research competitors' campaigns - analyze stats - use relevant tools - continuously review and improve

I use many tools, including Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, Machine Learning algorithms (python) where appropriate, etc. Unfortunately, there is no tool that would cover all the needs, so I use a combination of tools that produces AdWords campaigns that work.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee sales. I will send relevant targeted traffic to your site that is more likely to convert. You will get more revenue from the Google Adwords than you spend. But sales also depend on quality of your website, landing pages, your product/service, prices, and so on.

I can create and set up a Google AdWords account for you. You will need to add the billing information, e.g credit card information. If billing information is not added the Google AdWords campaigns will not run.

Yes, i will help you in future also. When you need me just knock me here.

I am a proponent of fair business and reserve the right to refuse unethical Google Adwords campaigns, including those non compliant with laws, regulation, Google policies, affiliate sites and products intended to deceive people, or any campaigns that require approval by Google.

Yes, for me to be able to work with your Google AdWords, you need to send me an invitation to access a Google Ads account. See the details below.

Technically yes. In reality no, sorry. I'd be doing you a disservice. Google AdWords campaign setup optimization require language fluency.

No, my fees do not include advertising spend. All Google AdWords spend is paid directly to Google.

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